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Joanna Hernandez is a broadcast/journalism major at Columbia College who has come to WYCC PBS Chicago with a strong passion for television. “I’m looking forward to learning about every aspect of production on the shows,” she said. What I like is that it is a small station. You get to do way more than what you would do in a bigger station.

During her first week as a WYCC intern, Hernandez observed one of the control rooms during a taping of The Professors and gained hands-on experience by helping to build the set. She is inspired by journalist Lisa Ling, and is drawn to investigative reporting and longform journalism. 

When Hernandez is away from the station, she is always on the hunt for a good story and she likes to spend time with the people in life she cares about most: her family and friends. She is the oldest of three brothers.

Hernandez was first exposed to WYCC through her 5-year-old brother Jonathan who loves PBS Kids, both on television and online. The shows make it so that kids talk back, and learn from them. It’s funny to watch him because he’s so little,” she explained.

Some of the shows that they enjoy together are Sid The Science Kid, Super WHY!, and Caillou.  

Hernandez’s eyes lit up when she describes a story she recently worked on surrounding poverty in Chicago. She also mentioned her fascination with photography, and that she had posed for a few hours with her photographer roommate in front of Lake Michigan – during the winter time wearing a ball gown and angel wings.

She and her father enjoy traveling together, and are planning a trip to New York for Spring Break. Hernandez wants to visit all of the television stations there. Ultimately, she would like to one day produce a markedly innovative documentary-style show that will have a poignant effect on the public, and she is learning a lot as a part of the PBS family. In the few weeks since her first interview, her energetic work ethic has paid off on the set of In The Loop, which premiered on Feb. 14. Hernandez has written articles on topics including recreational drug use, poverty, and social justice, and continues to pursue a career path that will one day impact our society and culture.

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